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Talk Much?


For 6 years, Cassandra was the voice of 1290WMCS’s midday talk show “THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT”. A show she created and produced daily. She used her wit, charm and outrageous sense of humor to educate, encourage and inspire her listening audience to live out loud. Cassandra brought a new and needed sound to the airwaves, sharing life’s lesson in an encouraging and non- combative way. Though often told that more controversy was needed, she persevered with positive talk, believing in its power to make a difference.

Believing as she does that she has been truly blessed, Cassandra has dedicated her life to motivating others with her talents and wisdom. “Talking is easy, motivational talk is a choice.” Cassandra made that choice, coaching her listening audience to reach deep, and connect with their own truths, versus falling for the hype. “There is no waitlist for a good life- the time is now, the choice is yours!”

Each presentation is crafted and tailor-made. Cassandra feels honored to be trusted to speak to her audiences, and understanding the power of the spoken word, she believes this privilege is never to be taken lightly. She believes in teaching vs. preaching, and her very personal way of sharing leaves the listeners empowered and inspired.

You can visit her motivational vlog “THIS IS WHAT I KNOW SO FAR” at:

"You've got to know where to get what you need"

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